Gazelle Sports:  A wonderful, inspiring partner and award winning local sporting goods store dedicated to keeping you moving and creating a healthy community.  A great place to purchase yoga clothing and supplies by quality brands such as Lolë, Prana, Patagonia, Hugger Mugger and Jade Yoga.  Check out this great local store and educational facility just down the street from Down Dog Yoga Center!  

Arnie Bunkley:  The architect for Down Dog Yoga Center who created a gorgeous space for our Center! Check out the curved walls, beautiful lines, and exposed ceiling (aka the Third Eye) above our reception desk.  It's everything I envisioned and more thanks to Arnie!  

Kelsey Boehme:  Graphic Designer Extraordinaire!  Yep, she came up with our beautiful logo and will forever be a part of Down Dog Yoga Center.

Consumers Credit Union:  Personal attention, exceptional service, professional, local, and friendly- with a convenient downtown location. Stop in and say hi to Clarence and Cindy and set up your banking today!  

Peregrine Plaza:  A beautiful building to house Down Dog Yoga Center.  Looking for a great place to live downtown?  Check out the luxury apartments just above us! Thanks to Natalie Valentine and Tom Huff for helping transform the original JCPenney into the original Down Dog Yoga Center and supporting the growth and well-being of downtown Kalamazoo.

Carrie Phillips:  Photographer and Friend with the ability to make you smile and feel at ease with the camera- she sees the beauty in all and brings it to life in her amazing photos! Watch our website come to life with Carrie's artistic shots of our staff.

The Organic Gypsy:  Bridgett Blough, The Organic Gypsy, teaches at Down Dog and our center is a pick up location for her popular Soup CSA. Come try some yoga and her healthy, organic food- feed body and soul! 

Juicy Leaf: On your way to or from yoga, stop in to get a fresh juice from our newest neighbor in the Peregrine Plaza- a winning combination!

Michigan Yoga Association:  The Michigan Yoga Association is a network of yoga teachers and practitioners working to deepen their understanding of yoga and promote the practice of this ancient art. The MYA sponsors three annual weekend intensive workshops, conducted by prominent teachers from around the country, and is committed to the advancement of yoga education in the state of Michigan.

Thanks to Chris Lampen-Crowell, Cynthia Hoss, Judy Huxmann, John Schmitt, John Bradshaw, Mindy Allwardt, Kyle Baker, Lori Ruimveld, Polly Freer, Michael Popa, Ann Moriarty, John Fiore and the entire crew that helped get Down Dog Yoga Center up and running. We couldn't do it without our wonderful community partners, family and friends. Thank you and Namaste!