What do I need to bring to class?

We have everything you need for a yoga class here at Down Dog Yoga Center- blocks, straps, blankets, bolsters- props galore!  That being said, you are welcome to bring your own mat or props.  Bring a towel if you plan to shower before or after class (towels are also available to rent for $1) and bring a refillable water bottle to keep you hydrated. Leave valuables at home or locked safely out of sight in your car.

What should I wear to yoga?

Wear comfortable, breathable clothing.  Yoga pants are great or any workout clothes will do!  We have plenty of cubbies to store your things and showers in our locker rooms so you can transition easily from work to yoga to other activities.  Bring a towel if you plan to shower or rent one from us. 

Should I eat before class?

It's best to eat after class or a minimum of two hours before to leave time to digest and feel comfortable in class.  Need a pick me up before class?  Try a handful of nuts or a piece of fruit- keep it light and simple.  Stop by Juicy Leaf after class for a fresh juice - located in Peregrine Plaza with Down Dog.  

What about water?

Bring a water bottle with you or purchase a reusable Down Dog Yoga Center Camelbak water bottle from us.  In an effort to reduce waste, we do not offer disposable plastic water bottles but we do provide filtered hot and cold water.  Only water bottles with a closed lid are allowed in Studio 1 and Studio 2- no open containers or other food or beverages are allowed.

How do I register online?

Visit our online schedule to create an account and make reservations for classes, special events, and bodywork.  You may reserve a spot in class up to 15 minutes before the start time.  We also reserve a few spots for walk-in clients in each class.  If you registered online, please still arrive early and check in at the front desk.  Call Down Dog Yoga Center at 269-993-2486 with a minimum of 2 hours notice for any class cancellations (24 hours for massage appointments or private sessions).  Refunds will be credited to your Down Dog Yoga Center account.

Where should I park?

There are 280 Free 90 minute on-street parking spaces downtown! Street parking is unlimited after 6pm and on Sundays. Most yoga classes are 75 minutes to allow for street parking. Other options include metered parking (Free after 5pm) and the attended Epic Center Ramp conveniently located across the street from Down Dog Yoga Center.  Ramp rates are $3 for 2 hrs weekdays or all day Saturday- ramps are Free on Sundays. We do not validate parking.  Please allow a little extra time to park and make it into class, especially if you are new to the downtown area.  See downtown parking details here.

I've never done yoga before, what class is right for me?

At Down Dog Yoga Center we have a wide variety of classes and styles to serve your needs.  Beginning Fundamentals and Beginning Yoga Basic Flow are great places to start!  Other great beginner friendly classes are Therapeutic Core & Back, Gentle Yoga, Joint Care & Balance, Yoga for Emotional Balance, Relax & Renew, Yin Yoga, Yoga for Men, Yoga for Working Stiffs, and Yoga for You.  See our list of Classes by Level or Contact Us for help finding the right classes for you!

What if I have an injury or medical condition?

Yoga is a healing practice but should only be done at the appropriate time in your recovery process. Please check with your doctor before you begin yoga and inform our staff of any physical limitations.  Private Sessions are available to work with specific conditions and injuries therapeutically.  Contact Us for more information about Private Sessions and finding the right class or therapeutic treatment for you.

Is it safe to do yoga when I'm pregnant?

Yoga is a great practice to help you relax and prepare for labor and delivery, but not every yoga pose is appropriate during pregnancy.  We offer prenatal yoga classes specifically designed to keep you and your baby safe and healthy during your pregnancy.

Can I bring my children to yoga?

Classes at Down Dog Yoga Center are open to ages 13+ but are not specifically geared towards children. Children or adults of any age will be asked to leave a class if they are disruptive or unable to participate safely.  If you have a question about your child participating in a class or event, please Contact Us.  Let us know if you have a group interested in a Kids Yoga session and we can set that up; we aim to serve all ages and abilities in safe and appropriate classes.

What is the difference between your heated classes and hot yoga?

The difference between our heated classes and hot yoga is temperature- in our heated classes we heat the room to 80 degrees and then allow you to warm up, stretch out, sweat and detox with a more powerful, fiery practice.  Hot yoga typically heats the room to 103 degrees.  Our heated practices are safe and comfortable, allowing you to experience a fun and sweaty class but not run the risk of overheating.  Heated classes are not recommended for certain medical conditions- please check with your doctor before you begin a new yoga practice or if you have any questions or concerns.